Everything is possible with the right team

In autumn 2018 when I started to build up the new company, my main goal was to find top professionals with the right skills and most of all, the right attitude next to me.

During the last 6 months, I have met several awesome new people and my old acquaintances. I have had inspiring discussions about the situation in the industry as well as rapid change around us, and how logistics companies can meet and even exceed customer´s expectations.

Based on these meetings and discussions I have found the people with I want to build a company which helps its customers to become more efficient, productive and successful. There´s plenty of room and demand in the market for an innovative and agile logistics company, that considers its skilled people as the most important asset and investment.

I´m very proud to have the opportunity to introduce our awesome team, whose passion is to provide the best service quality and spectacular customer experience with “can do” attitude.

The team will be strengthened during the next few months by new members and according to our business growth, we will constantly need more professional and skilled people in the future.

More information you will find on our website!

Jari Rinnekoski, CEO

Tags: #LogXellence #success